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New to Homeschooling?
Here are the ways in ALABAMA.

Compulsory age of attendance in Alabama is age 6. At that time you are required if they are age 6 before the school year begins to enroll in a school or do one if the following :

Join a cover school

This is an easy method that most people chose. It gives you a level of separation from the state and most only require that you report absences . Some require more such as requiring a statement of faith, keeping grades, teaching specific curricula and so forth.


If you find one you are comfortable with their beliefs and structure you can register with them and they either file the paperwork or some require you to mail the form in the the board of education.


Form your own private school


This would be what is considered to go without a cover school.

Notes from Virtual Meeting with Dan Beasley on the private school/ without a cover option



  • By the 5th day of the school term you need to have submitted attendance with names/addresses of students enrolled to BOE 16-28-7 and must do this YEARLY if using the private school option /without a cover


  • There is a form and a cover letter (cover letter isn’t required but recommended) both on HSDLA website. Send certified mail with return receipt for your records.


  • Keep an attendance record- Must report on a weekly basis New enrollments or absences


  • Must keep immunization records or the form declining them


  • If you WITHDRAWAL you still need to submit enrollment/attendance form to your local BOE.


  • Concerning Dual Enrollment- 

Looking for Proof of Compliance in the law . Homeschool students can participate. But there isn’t a law requiring a school to take your child into dual enrollment.


  • PE- per the law you should have some form of Physical education program but there is no requirement or regulation on what that entails


  • Some local BOE’s won’t know about the new law and what is entailed but it is best to send the form anyways to show YOU are in compliance . Keep a copy of the form, mail one copy certified mail and keep the return receipts and all other forms in a folder for your records.


  • The state is not accepting registration on home based private schools . The private school registration does not apply to homeschooling.


  • The state can’t regulate or license your non public school but you are still require to REPORT. Basic reporting requirements must be met


The local BOE and prosecutor filed truancy against the woman in the case and she made herself compliant filing the forms after being charged.The information in the document (which is no longer available on the State Website ) from the superintendent conflicts with state law, but they can only interpret the law not change it. So you cannot just homeschool without a cover legally without doing the above.


HSDLA recommendations

(not state but in case you have any litigation)

•Keep schoolwork (2-3yrs of samples )For Unschooling - as far as record keeping keep a journal , document as much as possible your hands on activities etc

•Keep enrollment form copies

•Keep attendance

Hire a tutor


Perhaps the most costly option and one that I don't see very often. If you choose this they are obligated to report to the state and meet certain standards and meet a certain number of days each year.


Public school at home

K12 is a program where you can do public school from your home.They will supply the materials and standards to be met. It's fairly straight forward and great for those who like the pubic school curriculum but have opted to do so at home. 

I hope this helps to clarify what's available . Please feel free to shoot any questions my way at

Homeschooling doesn't need to be a huge and scary task. Everything will be okay, I assure you !

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